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Monday, July 12, 2010


We have 2 going on right now:

1. Grind, from Privateer Press. How do you enter? Shoot a video or picture of you grinding with your favorite game or grinding up your least favorite game.

What do you win? A copy of Grind, or a copy of Scrappers.

2. Dungeon Crawler CCG. How do you enter? Goto you favorite forum, start a thread about this game. Email us the link (I should hope a link to chance of gaming would be in your sig too)

What do you win? Starter with 2 boxes of boosters or 2 boxes of boosters.

Email entries to chanceofgaming at gmail dot com

Grind Contest Entry

Out of Bandwidth

Yea, so, umm, we have gotten kinda popular and we have been out of bandwidth for about a week now. Im working on more, but this is the second time Ive had to up our plan.

Anyone interested in sponsoring/hosting us?

If so drop a line:

chanceofgaming at gmail dot com

New show is done waiting on the bandwidth reset in 2 days. (14th)